About the Alfa Car Shipping Family

The Alfa Car Shipping Family is an international logistics network fully dedicated to car transportation. It was founded due to the lack of high-quality networks in this very specific and competitive industry. Hence, our unique combination of member benefits truly sets us apart from our competitors.

Safety first

At the Alfa Carshipping Family, we put the financial security of our members before anything else. That is why we installed a unique Payment Protection Program, which holds debtors accountable and creates a secure business environment. Additionally, we thoroughly screen applying members and offer a credit risk insurance of up to $ 50.000 between members.

Quality over quantity

We believe that focusing on quality rather than quantity is the only way to build truly successful business relationships. At the same time, this creates an atmosphere in which business partners become friends. A perfect example is our Annual Global Conference, which is a great opportunity to do business and get acquainted with your fellow members.

Is there anything more?
Much more!

  • $50.000 credit risk insurance
  • Payment Protection Program
  • Ethical code of conduct 

  • Online cargo insurance
  • International credit risk analysis 

  • Worldwide service contract
  • Loyalty bonus program
  • Fee-free international banking platform
  • Logistics software solution
  • Supply chain business accelerator
  • FMC and MoT registered house B/L

  • International filing facilities
  • Annual Global Conference
  • Container repositioning 

  • Container benchmarking

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