Global Reach

International representation

The Alfa Car Shipping Family is a freight network represented by logistics professionals all over the world. This gives our members the opportunity to stand their ground against locally active multinationals, as well as to forge many new business ties with trustworthy logistics professionals abroad.

Reputable members only

The Alfa Car Shipping Family always puts quality before quantity. This is why our application process includes thorough screening and reference checks, which ensures that all of our members are reputable logistics agents. This is further enforced by the signing of our code of ethics.

Annual Global Conference

Our Annual Global Conference is the perfect moment for Alfa Car Shipping members to meet each other in person and forge new business ties in a fun and informal atmosphere. Because everyone has other goals and expectations of this event, we offer no less than three different conference formulas.

Limited members per region

Despite its non-exclusive character, the Alfa Car Shipping Family still applies a multiple membership protection with the goal of limiting its number of members per region. This also ensures that we avoid internal competition, which really sets us apart from other logistics networks.

Logistics network experts

The Alfa Car Shipping Family is managed by the same team as the Atlas Logistic Network, which has been going strong for over 20 years. This means that we are able to support our members with the necessary knowledge and experience.