Payment Protection

No more unpaid invoices

The Alfa Car Shipping Family always takes up its reponsibilities. In the case of overdue invoices, our insurance protects our members for up to USD 50.000. Thanks to our unique conflict resolution procedure, we are able to resolve these kind of disputes in a neutral and amicable manner.

Credit risk insurance

On top of that, members of the Alfa Car Shipping Family are not only protected against insolvency, but also against suspected insolvency, protracted default and bankruptcy. This makes our credit risk insurance truly unique, and sets us apart from our competitors.

Neutral dispute solutions

By outsourcing our credit risk insurance to an external and neutral third party, we do not have to apply financial trust bonds or funds that we control ourselves. This ensures members of the Alfa Car Shipping Family that eventual disputes are handled in a neutral and fair manner.

Lloyd’s of London

As if that were not enough, our insurance company is registered with Lloyd’s of London, the world’s number one specialist insurance market. On top of that, it was classified with a strong rating (A-) by Standard & Poor’s, a globally respected credit rating agency. This makes our credit risk insurance hard to beat.

Forwarders Debt Recovery Services

In the rare case that our members’ overdue invoices are not eligible for compensation by our regular credit risk insurance, we still want to offer them the opportunity to recover their debts through our partners at Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS). Since they are an international debt collection agency specializing in the freight forwarding industry, our members are guaranteed a personal and thorough follow-up of each case, from amicable solution to court action.